At this point in the schedule, I’ll have to confess to conflating some of the many, many new cloud-based and land-based (?) software programs we’ve learned. In an effort to keep track, here’s a (still growing) list of all the tools we’ve been exposed to that store data, collect images & other files, interpret & annotate images & video, and visualize data :

Abraham Bloemaert (Dutch, 1564 - 1651 ), Saint Bernard of Clairvaux with the Instruments of the Passion, , pen and black and brown ink, with gray and brown wash, black chalk, and graphite on laid paper, Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
Abraham Bloemaert (Dutch, 1564 – 1651), Saint Bernard of Clairvaux with the Instruments of the Passion, n.d. National Gallery of Art. Source:
  • Zotero (data collection)

  • Omeka
    (.net & .org versions—collection-building, exhibition-building, map integration & more)
  • Scalar (collection building, annotating videos)
  • Drupal (site building)

  • Prezi (Kimon’s suggested use: organizing images)

  • ThingLink (annotating images, sharing annotations)
  • YouTube (annotating videos)
  • Animoto (creating video stories)

  • Google Map Engine
    (Lite—creating custom maps, working with kml data, e.g.)
  • Google Fusion Tables
    (many uses for manipulating & sharing data, creating social network visualizations)
  • NYPL’s Map Warper
    (Spatial/temporal: historic/modern map comparisons)
  • StoryMap (“Prezi with a mapping interface”)

  • Comment Press (Open source publishing)

  • Google nGrams (Word frequencies using Google Books corpus)
  • Bookworm
    (Word frequencies using Open Library, Chronicling America, SSRN, etc., corpora)
  • Voyant
    (Text analysis: word frequencies, trends, including Cirrus, Bubblines, Knots plug-ins)
  • OpenCalais (Semantic analysis)
  • ViewShare (Data visualization)
  • ImagePlot (“Distant reading” of images; vizualization of image data)
  • Palladio (Data visualization)
  • Excel Charts (Data visualization, etc.)
  • Colour Lens (Collection analysis by color)

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